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Wind Damage

Wind damage in OklahomaStrong winds are a common occurrence in Oklahoma on almost any day. With strong winds comes regular damage to homes, buildings and vehicles. It’s nearly impossible to live in the state and not experience some degree of wind damage.

When it comes to making an insurance claim due to wind damage, some Oklahomans find themselves the victims of insurance fraud and are left without proper compensation. They’re victimized by both severe weather and insurance companies all in one swoop.

Guard Against Insurance Fraud in Oklahoma 

The attorneys of Johnson & Biscone, P.A., advocate for victims of insurance fraud in cases of wind damage and severe weather in Oklahoma.  When victims have no one else to turn to for help, our attorneys are prepared to handle any claim and represent fellow Oklahomans who desperately need reimbursement for lost assets.

We understand this may be a difficult time for you, thus we offer our greatest respect and dignity as we guide you through the legal process of seeking compensation. We will stand by you the entire way, from start to finish, and fight your insurance company to guarantee you aren’t left without the money you deserve.

How does wind damage insurance fraud happen?

  1. Severe weather rips through Oklahoma and damages your home and possessions
  2. You file a claim with your insurance company seeking compensation
  3. Your insurance company either offers partial compensation, considerably below what you need, or it provides no compensation
  4. You’re left without necessary funds to get back on your feet


Get Your Compensation Back, Get Your Life Back 

We exist to represent and protect you from injustice. Our attorneys want to assist you in claiming the compensation you deserve and offer a FREE consultation to discuss your particular situation.

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