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Talcum Powder Cancer Attorneys

Talcum Powder LawyersTalcum and baby powders have been found to have strong links to ovarian cancer. If you regularly use talcum powder or baby powder for feminine hygiene and have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, you may be entitled to damages. Keep reading or contact us today 405-232-6490 at Johnson & Biscone for more information.

How Talcum and Baby Powders Cause Cancer

Talcum powder and baby powder are both names for products containing talc, a clay-like mineral found in deposits underground. In many ways talc is structurally similar to asbestos, a known carcinogen which causes mesothelioma. In fact, underground talc deposits are often found alongside asbestos deposits.

In general, talcum and baby powders are safe to use on the skin. However, some women use them as feminine hygiene products to reduce moisture and friction in the genital area. It is possible for talc in the powder to migrate from the skin into a woman’s sexual organs and from there to her ovaries. Talc in the ovaries could lead to inflammation and cellular changes which contribute to ovarian cancer.

Numerous studies have found relationships between talcum powder use and ovarian cancer. A 2008 study by researchers at Harvard found a 36% increased risk of ovarian cancer among women who used talcum powder than among women who didn’t. Another 2013 study published by the American Association for Cancer Research found genital talcum powder users were 20% to 30% more likely to contract some form of ovarian cancer.

The Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer

If you use talcum powder or baby powder as a feminine hygiene product, you need to be aware of the increased risk these products pose for developing ovarian cancers. The following symptoms are frequently reported in ovarian cancer patients:

If you or a loved one has experienced these symptoms and uses baby powder or talcum powder regularly, contact a doctor immediately. Early prevention and treatment is essential for stopping the spread of ovarian cancer. You should also contact our law firm to see if you’re eligible for damages.

Recent Talcum Powder Lawsuit Rulings

In May 2017, a Missouri jury awarded a record-setting $110 million to a Virginia woman who says she developed ovarian cancer after decades of using Johnson & Johnson baby powder. Johnson & Johnson is one of the largest manufacturers of baby powder and talcum powder.

In 2016, two separate cases in St. Louis, Missouri, ended in multi-million dollar verdicts against the company. The first, in February, awarded $72 million to the family of a woman who passed away from ovarian cancer after using baby powder for many years. The second verdict awarded $55 million to a woman who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using Johnson & Johnson baby powder as a feminine hygiene product for almost 40 years.

Could I Be Eligible for Damages from the Talcum Powder Lawsuit?

If you’ve used talcum powder or baby powder as a feminine hygiene product in the past, you could potentially be eligible for damages. This is especially true if you’ve already been diagnosed with or treated for ovarian cancer.

Even if you haven’t been diagnosed or treated for ovarian cancer, you may still be eligible for some damages. Several women across the country have filed class-action lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson for failing to warn them about the potential dangers of using Johnson’s baby powder as a feminine hygiene product.

Johnson & Johnson Class Action Lawsuits

There have been several class action lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson for baby powder-related claims. These lawsuits allege the company failed to adequately warn women about the risk of developing cancer when using products containing talc. However, you should note the lawsuit is only seeking to recover compensation for the cost of the powders on behalf of consumers. This lawsuit does not include any damages related to the development or treatment of ovarian cancer. If you already have ovarian cancer you could be entitled to additional damages.

How Our Law Firm Can Help

At Johnson & Biscone, we have experience with helping consumers and plaintiffs get fair compensation for injuries, illnesses and unfair treatment. If you’ve used baby powder or talcum powder as a feminine hygiene product in the past, you could have an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer as a result. Call us toll-free today at 1-800-426-4563 to see whether you’re entitled to damages or if you have any questions about talcum powder and baby powder lawsuits. We handle all cases on a contingency basis – there’s no fee unless we get money for you.

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