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Premise Liability

Premise liabilityIf you’ve been injured on someone else’s property, then you can file a claim for full compensation through our law offices here at Johnson & Biscone in Oklahoma City. Consult with our team of legal experts for FREE your first time.

An injury is likely to occur anywhere. However, an owner of any premise is responsible for the safety of the area and the safety of its occupants. If the owner is negligent, and you’re injured, then you can seek compensation for the injuries you sustain.

Premise Liability Law in Oklahoma

The most common premises liability cases include injury at the following:


In the event you are injured in one of these locations, you need to assess the surroundings and environment. Was safety and security neglected? Is someone personally responsible for your injury? Could your injury have been prevented?

The preceding questions are those we’ll discuss with you to determine the substantiality of your claim and how we can better represent you in claiming full and fair compensation. If you’ve been neglected and you’ve been injured, then we can assist you in the claims process.

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