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Hail Damage

IMG_0437Severe weather is all too common in Oklahoma. Hail, strong winds and tornados are part of living in tornado alley and Oklahomans bear the brunt of heavy storms year after year. Yet the one thing Oklahomans ought not to bear is the brunt of insurance fraud regarding hail damage.

No one living in Oklahoma should be cheated out of compensation for their assets that have been damaged by hail. Insurance companies have an obligation to treat people with fairness in the aftermath of a storm. This is the worst time for an insurance company to decide they won’t provide compensation.

Protection Against Insurance Fraud in Oklahoma

If you find yourself in such a predicament, then you should know you’re entitled to legal representation. The attorneys of Johnson & Biscone encourage all Oklahomans to file claims if they’ve been treated unfairly or been the victim of insurance fraud during severe weather tragedy.

Here’s how Johnson & Biscone can help:


Hire Experienced & Reputable Oklahoma Attorneys

Being victimized through insurance fraud is one of the most degrading acts, especially following severe weather that caused damage to your home and possessions. You don’t want to hire just anyone to handle your case for compensation.

That’s why we recommend you interview and search diligently for the right group of attorneys who will fight alongside you for the compensation you need. We recommend you interview and question us. Our experience and expertise will speak for itself.

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