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Defective Product Injuries

file0001748843958Can you claim compensation if injured by a product? The answer is yes. Manufactures, businesses and distributors are all responsible for the safety of their products. Consumers must be protected from harmful ingredients or faulty parts. Otherwise, consumers have the right to pushback with a product liability claim.

What Makes a Product Defective?

Several factors contribute to a product’s defectiveness and liability. Those factors are:


Medical Device Lawsuits: 

>Bair Hugger Warming Blankets

>IVC Filters

Responsibility in Product Liability Cases

Manufacturers and businesses are responsible for the factors listed above. Before a product ever leaves a manufacturing plant or retail store, it is the responsibility of everyone along the supply chain to guarantee safety and quality for the consumer. If this is hindered, the business is fully responsible for any injury that results from use of the product.

A business is not responsible for reckless or irresponsible use of a product. Once a product is in the hands of the consumer, it is his or her responsibility to use the product as it was designed. It is also the consumer’s responsibility to heed warnings.

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