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Four-year Battle Comes Down to Last Witness

Posted 09/06/2018

By Bryce Johnson Just because an auto collision doesn’t cause visible property damage doesn’t mean there won’t be personal injuries. When Johnson & Biscone’s client Renee Lewis was rear-ended in her car, her left shoulder and elbow were injured, although there was little damage to either vehicle. Renee was taken to a hospital emergency room […]

Why Insurance Companies Appear to Be in a Hurry (at the beginning)

Posted 08/10/2018

By James J. Biscone Insurance companies are contacting injured people more quickly than ever. Sometimes, an adjuster is on the phone before an injured person has even made it home from the emergency room or left the scene of an accident. I wish it were because the companies are genuinely concerned when someone is hurt. […]

Oklahoma Supreme Court Rules on AMA Guides

Posted 07/11/2018

By Joseph C. Biscone and Emily J. Biscone On June 26, 2018, the Oklahoma Supreme Court upheld the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission’s mandatory use of AMA Guides 6th Edition as directed by the Oklahoma Legislature. The high court decided, 5-4, in Robert Hill v. American Medical Response, 2018 OK 57, that the mandatory use of […]

Use Auto Insurance as ‘Mini Health Insurance’

Posted 06/04/2018

By James J. Biscone Paying a little extra for auto insurance can make a big difference for people who get injured. State law requires every Oklahoma driver to have liability insurance. But that coverage won’t pay your medical bills if you are hurt in a car accident. Johnson & Biscone recommends everyone with an auto […]

Nobody Likes Trial Lawyers

Posted 05/01/2018

By James J. Biscone A few years ago, U. S. Sen. Harry Reid delivered a speech at the American Association for Justice’s Membership Awards Luncheon in Montreal. “Nobody likes trial lawyers,” Reid said. He gave examples of several types of people who do not like trial lawyers – people who addict children to tobacco; people […]

Can your Facebook posts be used against you?

Posted 01/17/2018

By James J. Biscone If you have made an injury claim, stay off of Facebook. It could cause major problems in your case. Courts across the country have held what people post on social media can be used in a legal proceeding. Judges have held there is not a reasonable expectation of privacy, and uploaded […]

A Personal Touch

Posted 09/29/2017

By James J. Biscone A young man recently called Johnson & Biscone to get see if he had an injury case worth pursuing. He seemed surprised when I was the first person that he spoke to in our office. “I figured I would just talk to a legal assistant or a secretary, not an actual […]

Driving Doesn’t Have to be Stressful

Posted 07/25/2017

By Emily J. Biscone Our team recently handled a case for a young woman who was injured in a hit-and-run crash in north Oklahoma City. Another driver struck our client at a high speed then backed up and sped off. The driver got away and was never caught. You might think having auto insurance would […]

Hurt on the job? Can you sue your boss?

Posted 06/13/2017

By James J. Biscone It is almost impossible for an injured worker in Oklahoma to bring an injury lawsuit against his or her employer. Even if someone loses an arm or a leg, a jury will likely never hear of the life-altering loss or the workers’ altered earning capacity, no matter how negligent the employer […]

Expertise Helps Win Damages after Nursing Home Negligence

Posted 04/11/2017

By Bryce B. Johnson Accidents happen, and they can devastate a family. But it feels even worse when someone trusted to care for a loved one takes harmful actions and tries to avoid responsibility. A client recently hired Johnson & Biscone after his wife was injured. The 67-year-old woman suffered end-stage renal failure and was […]

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