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Helping Families Deal With the Aftermath of a Difficult Birth

The birth of a child is typically a happy time for a family. Unfortunately in some cases, complications may arise that leave the new baby injured and parents questioning what happened.

The actions or inaction of a doctor or other medical staff member may have led to the birth-related injuries that an infant, or mother, has sustained. These injuries often have a lifelong physical and emotional impact on the child, parents and entire family.

The Oklahoma City birth injury attorneys at Johnson & Biscone are committed to standing up for clients who find themselves dealing with an injury to a child before, during or shortly after the birth process. While aggressively handling your case, we provide compassionate support to clients, as we realize that birth injury cases are highly emotional. It is our goal to not only obtain compensation for the injuries to the child, but also ensure that the negligent party is held responsible.

Serious Birth Injuries Can Lead to Disabilities

The disabilities and impairments that may result from a birth injury can range from lack of muscle control and learning disabilities to paralysis and the need for round-the-clock care. Our Oklahoma City birth injury attorneys take birth injury cases extremely seriously and strive to treat clients with the respect and attention they deserve. There are many different types of birth injury cases, including:

We also handle wrongful death claims for parents who have lost a child due to the medical staff’s negligence.

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If you have legal questions or concerns about a birth injury matter, schedule an initial consultation with our Oklahoma City birth injury attorneys at Johnson & Biscone. Call us toll free at 1-800-426-4563 or contact us online. Our firm handles birth injury cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that there are no attorney’s fees unless there is a recovery for you.